Sam Clark Tattoos

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Had a bit of fun on this legend @jaketattoos I’ll get some better photos tomorrow. @fkirons @drpickles_ #spektradirekt #samclarktattoos
I had the pleasure of tattooing  @jaketattoos other half today. @fkirons @drpickles_ #spektradirekt #samclarktattoos
I like to tattoo shins. More please. @fkirons @drpickles_ thanks for flying up from Melbourne jake and alex @jaketattoos (sorry for the repost )
Another one in progress to add to @trento13 collection. Will be adding more above . @fkirons @drpickles_ #spektradirekt #samclarktattoos
@fkirons @drpickles_ #samclarktattoos #spektradirekt
Closeup @fkirons @drpickles_
Had a blast doing this on @haydenoconnor @fkirons @drpickles_ #samclarktattoos #spektradirekt